The Chugoku Bank

I am Masato Miyanaga. President of the Chugoku Bank.
We believe that further efforts to enhance our services are needed to continue to be chosen by regional customers and sustain the trust from our stakeholders.
As such,we steadily implement each main measure of Medium-Term Management Plan “Chugin Heart 2014” for the three years beginning from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, under which proactive efforts are made to revitalize the regional economy through the provision of advanced comprehensive financial services that meets customer needs, such as promotion of support services for new loans and growth fields through forward-looking risk-taking, as well as the creation of new demand for financing through overseas expansion and management improvement support services.
In addition, our Group practice “Chugin’s Mind,” which sets guidelines for actions and decisions of our Group’s Directors and employees, and will aim as one to achieve the main theme of the Medium-Term Management Plan to “create a virtuous cycle of mutual growth with regional communities and our customers” under a united goal.

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